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Logo.jpg How to move mailbox in hybrid configuration from Exchange Server to cloud Exchange online with Windows PowerShell


To connect to Exchange Online Windows PowerShell use Office 365 Company Administrator credentials, run the command bellow:


$LiveCred = Get-Credential

$Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $LiveCred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection

Import-PSSession $Session 



$OnPremisesCreds = Get-Credential

  •  Type the credentials  with format below Dominio\Admin


New-MoveRequest -identity MoveAlias -Remote -RemoteHostName '' -TargetDeliveryDomain ‘' -Remotecredential $OnPremisesCreds -BadItemLimit 50 -Verbose



To see the all move request properties in the organization run:

Get-MoveRequest |  Get-MoveRequestStatistics | Select-Object DisplayName, StatusDetail, PercentComplete, OverallDuration, *TimeStamp*, Total


To see a specific move request, run the comannd:

Get-MoveRequest |  Get-MoveRequestStatistics | Select-Object DisplayName, StatusDetail, PercentComplete, OverallDuration, *TimeStamp*, Total


Additioanl commands:

95% Move Error: MoveRequestStatistics: : Transient error StorageTransientException has occurred. The system will retry. Fatal error JobStuckPermanentException


Execute the move request with the BadItemLimit 1000 and -SkipMovingFolderRestrictions,FolderViews parameters:


New-MoveRequest –Identity MoveRequestName –TargetDatabse –BadItemLimit 1000 –AcceptLargeDataLoss –SkipMovingFolderRestrictions, FolderViews –Debug -Verbose​

Get-MailboxStatistics –IncludeMoveHistory | Select -ExpandProperty MoveHistory
Get-Mailbox | Get-MailboxStatistics -IncludeMoveHistory | Select DisplayName, MoveHistory | Export-Csv MoveHistory.csv
Get-MailboxStatistics -Identity –IncludeMoveHistory | FL​​


Get-MoveRequest -Identity MoveRequestID |Get-MoveRequestStatistics -IncludeReport

Get-moverequest | Get-MoveRequestStatistics |FL

Get-MailboxStatistics -IncludeMoveHistory | FL

To see move request status:

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Failed

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Completewithwarnings

Get-MoveRequest –MoveStatus Completed

Get-MoveRequest –MoveStatus Queued

Get-MoveRequest –MoveStatus AutoSuspended


To restart the move request when is suspended, using Office 365 PowerShell with Global Admin credentials, run the command below:


Resume-MoveRequest "Move 1"



This example resumes any "Automatically Suspended" move requests.


Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus "Automatically Suspended" | Resume-MoveRequest


This example resumes any failed move requests.

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus Failed | Resume-MoveRequest


This example resumes any move requests that have the suspend comment "Resume after 10 P.M."

Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus "Automatically Suspended" | Get-MoveRequestStatistics |Where {$_.Message -like "*resume after 10 P.M.*"} | Resume-MoveRequest


Complete or Resume a Move Request