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Logo.jpgGuided walkthroughs for Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, and Office 365

 This article lists the guided walkthroughs that are available for Microsoft Exchange Server, Lync Server, SharePoint Server, and Office 365 (including Exchange Online, Lync Online, and SharePoint Online). 


Exchange Online


Exchange Online


​​IMAP Migration Troubleshooter

Title URL


Mail Flow Guided Walkthrough for Office 365 Troubleshooter
Office 365 Outlook Connectivity Guided Walkthrough  Troubleshooter
Setting up a mailbox that multiple users can access and use How-to
Sending email from another person's mailbox or from a group in Office 365 Guided Walkthrough How-to
Accessing other people's mailboxes in Office 365 Guided Walkthrough How-to
Creating and managing resource mailboxes (conference rooms/equipment) in Office 365 How-to
Sharing calendar and contacts in Office 365 Guided Walkthrough How-to
Hybrid Migration Troubleshooter Troubleshooter
Hybrid Environment Free/busy Troubleshooter Troubleshooter
​​IMAP Migration Troubleshooter
Troubleshooter ​



Exchange Server




Outlook Connectivity Guided Walkthrough

Exchange Server 2010

Troubleshoot ActiveSync with Exchange Server

Exchange Server 2010

Exchange Server 2010 Datacenter Switchover

Exchange Server 2010

Troubleshoot Public Folder Replication for Exchange Server 2003

Exchange Server 2003



Lync Online

Title URL Category
Set up Lync Online external communications How-to
Troubleshooting Lync Online sign-in for admins Troubleshooter
Troubleshooting Lync Online sign-in for users Troubleshooter



SharePoint Online

Title URL Category
OneDrive for Business – Initial Sync Setup Guide How-to
OneDrive for Business Sync App (formerly SkyDrive Pro) – Sync Issues Guide Troubleshooter


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